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  • Hugo Theme Madness

    I’ve been trying various themes for this site after getting it up and running. Initially I used Ananke, but after reading a review a bunch of themes I realized the huge banner at the top wasn’t going to work well for me, especially since I just had it as a solid background. So I’ve tried a few themes, all of which seem to have various issues of one sort or another.
  • I'm still learning things...

    For some reason I got the itch to start actually working with my computer again. So after trying Grav out and seeing it’s not for me (being a little heavy-weight for a simple static website), I’ve decided to give Hugo a try. I’m starting with the website’s main page, and going to slowly move my old personal website content over to this system. My old system used some hand-made XSLT from eons ago when I thought XHTML and all things XML-related were the future.
  • Conclave Protocol Design Overview

    Conclave works on a trusted-Trent system. In the secured-channel protocol design of Conclave, a bot, which we will name Trent, becomes the distributor of a group of chatters’s symmetric key. When a user on IRC (we will name her Alice) wishes to gain access to a group’s symmetric key (we will use #Talk), she tells Trent who she is and asks for #Talk’s key, encrypted to her by her public key, say 0xABCDEFAB.
  • Formatting Email Replies

    Purpose When one is new to the system of email, and hasn’t spent a lot of time conversing with others via mailing lists and such, one may not know the customs and standards for formatting email replies. This document will try to help the reader learn certain techniques and customs to apply when writing email replies. Writing good email replies is just as important as having good grammar and spelling; it helps the reader keep track of the discussion with greater ease.