Dekan's Solace

Frank Tobin


I am pursuing a career in the financial industry, using my software engineering and market knowledge to create competitive advantages that both are profitable and bring more efficiency to the market.


Professional software engineer, with a mix of backend and user-level development written primarily in Perl and Python. I have worked extensively with equity trading in the American markets, and have a broad yet deep understanding of many different aspects of the trading business, including development and implementation of trading strategies and tactics, regulations, and business- and implementation-level experience for developing systems which are profitable, scalable, and reliable.

Additionally, I am the lead developer of several Open Source programs covering a variety of topics written primarily in Perl and Python, some of which have gained a substantial user base.



Technological Skills

I consider myself to be an expert in Perl, Python, and Linux-based development. I have substantial exposure to C and C++, and have a medium-level knowledge of SQL and advanced XML-based technologies.