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Standards-Compliance at this Site

Please note that every page at this site should register as valid XHTML , which is the markup language recommendedby the World Wide Web Consortium( W3C), which aims to make the Web universally accessible and resourceful.

This site also makes heavy use of valid Cascading Style Sheets( CSS), which are also recommendedby the W3Cto determine how to present things in a visual, audial, or other manner.

Why some browsers may render this site significantly differently

Unfortunately, many versions of Netscape, including the 4. xseries, do not support rendering many parts of HTMLor Cascading Style Sheets correctly or at all; however, Netscape 6and Mozillatend to do a good job at rendering them. Please do not take this to mean I cater to certain browsers.I cater to standards supported by the W3C. My stance is that these are excellent standards to follow, and if you use a browser that adheres to those standards, you will have a more pleasant browsing experience. These standards are designed to allow everyonein the end to have a more pleasant experience.

Enabling Cascading Style Sheets in Netscape 4. x

You should be aware that in order to enable Cascading Style Sheets in many versions of Netscape 4. x, you need to turn on Javascript. I know that turning on Javascript may be undesirable, but if you wish to do so, go to your menubar, select Edit-> Preferences-> Advanced, and place a mark in the checkboxes for Enable Javascriptand Enable Style Sheets.

Making your pages standards-compliant

If you would like to learn more about creating a standards-compliant website, I highly recommend the Web Design Groupand W3Schools; I reference each of these for practically all of my W3C-standards information, including X/HTMLand CSS.